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Patient Education: Shoulder

At the DOSI, we strive to keep people healthy and our goal is to provide an improved quality of life. We hope our SHOULDER VIDEOS will be a valuable resource for you.

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Patient Education: Elbow

At the DOSI, we strive to keep people healthy and our goal is to provide an improved quality of life. We hope our ELBOW VIDEOS will be a valuable resource for you.

Dallas Orthopedic & Shoulder Institute

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Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute

At Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute we’re committed to providing the very best orthopedic and shoulder care. We want you to feel at ease knowing you’ll receive the highest quality medical care in a compassionate, friendly, personal manner.

We address disorders that affect the bones, joints, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and tendons, from the evaluation and management of degenerative diseases like arthritis to fracture care and complex joint replacement surgery. Our services are wide-ranging, yet individualized to your needs and goals. We take time to answer questions and review all treatment options with you.

Painful injuries and chronic problems can hinder your ability to perform ordinary tasks. Painful symptoms can be caused by a traumatic injury from an accident, sudden impact while playing sports, or a fall. Other times, strain occurs to the tendons or joints from repetitive work or sports activities. In elderly patients, as arthritis becomes more commonplace, pain may become more prevalent simply with daily routine.

Conservative care consistent with your diagnosis is always our first treatment choice. For many patients, we’re able to diagnose and successfully treat them through a multidisciplinary program including physical therapy, occupational therapy, injections, and/or medications. Your primary care physician is an integral part of our medical team.

For those patients who need surgery, we’re at the forefront of some of the most advanced techniques and technologies. Advancements in minimally invasive techniques mean tiny incisions and the use of arthroscopes. This significantly reduces pain after surgery and causes less scarring. For joint replacements that require open incision, we’ll employ the newest techniques to shorten the recovery time.

We are continually focusing on the best way to relieve your pain and restore your mobility and strength quickly and safely.

  • Do you have persistent shoulder pain or loss of motion?
  • Does it hurt to walk or run?
  • Are you experiencing weakness in your joints?

We'll repair the damage, and get you active again.Dallas Orthopedic and Shoulder Institute